Alexa Diaz Hann is a writer/director/producer/editor and photographer whose work includes LINES which screened at the Hollyshorts Film Festival and MARITAL BLISS.  She co-runs Hann Productions with her husband Eric, a cinematographer.
She's helmed commercials for corporate and non profit clients, which include Two Wings, Blackline and the Coast Guard.  She has a bachelor of arts in film production with honors from Biola University, and a graduate of the Act One & Act Two programs.
She associated produced THE BUS TO CANTON, a VR documentary about Jerome Bettis and his rise to the Football Hall of Fame, and produced the Pentatonix VR Experience for The Virtual Reality Company.
Her wide range of experience positions her as a creative/logistical hybrid.  She delights in creating work that moves hearts as well as engages minds - from short documentaries to long form storytelling, and stories in between.
Regardless of format, she allows each unique story to inform the way it is developed, captured, and shared.  She enjoys partnering with brands, agencies, organizations and individuals to craft compelling content that connects meaningfully with their audience.
Her screenplays are available on The Black List.
She can be found on TwitterMediumInstagram, Behance, and iStock.
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